More Than Seawater and Sand


An Introduction
To Anglophone Caribbean Politics and Popular Culture

By David Hinds

This book is an introduction to the Anglophone Caribbean region. The title responds to the general view of non-Caribbean people that the region is solely a tourist destination. Hence the objective of the book—to introduce the region as a space that is inhabited by peoples and cultures which are as dynamic as others. It focuses on the Anglophone Caribbean , but references are made to the wider region. The book is not a comprehensive introduction as it uses the lens of four areas of Caribbean society– politics, calypso and reggae music and cricket. However, given the central roles they have played in the formation of Caribbean identity, the reader gets more than a restricted introduction to the society.

The book teases out the relationship between politics and popular culture–in this case popular music and sport. It traces contemporary Caribbean politics from decolonization to the present and in the process introduces the reader to key moments and leaders. Similarly, the historical evolution of calypso, reggae and cricket are traced, and selective cricketers, reggae singers and calypsonians are introduced. In the final analysis, the reader gets more than a passing glimpse into the Caribbean society.
The book is written primarily as an introductory text for students of Caribbean Studies, but it is useful for other readers, including those who are familiar with the region.