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Archives is the homepage of political activist and academic Dr. David Hinds. It is a source for news on discourse and analysis of socio-political and cultural developments in Guyana and the Caribbean in general. Dr. Hinds and others share insights and shed light on all things Guyana/Caribbean--from cricket, reggae and calypso to politics and history.

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Kaieteur News

Potential cannot buy anything in the market

 Sep 26, 2018  Features / Columnists, Peeping Tom During the last Congress of the PNCR, there were some candidates, offering themselves up for leadership posts, and who were campaigning on the grounds that they were young. But when you look at them closely, you were forced to ask just how young is…

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KNEWS-Freddie Kissoon

Lincoln Lewis is stalking Moses Nagamootoo

 Sep 26, 2018  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon I have known Lincoln Lewis for over forty years now. I see some similarities we have. Maybe that is why we have remained friends for all these decades. We have big mouths, we make noise when we argue with others; we pursue issues that…

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Demerara Waves

Town Clerk leased land not owned by City Hall to shipping company

Posted by: Denis Chabrol in Business, News, Politics September 24, 2018 Town Clerk, Royston King leased a parcel of land to a shipping company, but the Commission of Inquiry into the operations of the Georgetown Municipality says that land is owned by government’s holding company for State assets. Chairman of the one-man Commission of Inquiry into…

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Ryan “Effing” Crawford threw away his rights

 Sep 25, 2018  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon You are not going to believe this. It is true; I swear so. The very day that the Ryan Crawford incident hit the news, I saw random stopping on the Railway Embankment on which I live. The very next day, when the Crawford story…

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David Hinds' Media Comments, Demerara Waves

AFC, WPA poised to collaborate on proposed direct cash transfers of oil money to poor households

Posted by: Denis Chabrol in Business, News, Politics September 23, 2018 The Alliance For Change (AFC) and the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) on Sunday looked set to collaborate on whether there should be conditional direct cash transfers of oil revenues to poor Guyanese households. WPA Executive Member, David Hinds confirmed that the AFC has contacted his…

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Ralph Ramkarran, Stabroek

Relations between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago

By Ralph Ramkarran sept 23, 2018 Of all the other Caricom countries, Guyana has enjoyed the closest relations with Trinidad and Tobago. Language, common colonial history, ethnic make-up, common cultural patterns, similar systems of government and laws and long established people to people contact have all come together to keep us close….

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