Dr. David Hinds, a Guyana-born scholar-activist, is an Associate Professor of Caribbean and African Diaspora Studies in the School of Transformation at Arizona State University. He is a political scientist who specializes in Caribbean and African Diaspora Politics and Society. His areas of teaching and research are: Race, Ethnicity and Politics in the Caribbean, with an emphasis on Guyana; Caribbean Governance and Politics; and Caribbean and African Diaspora Popular Culture (Music and Sports) as Political Expression. Dr. Hinds is the author of two books and several scholarly articles on Caribbean Politics and Society. His books are Race and Political Discourse in Guyana (2004), Ethno-Politics and Power Sharing in Guyana: History and Discourse (2011), Bob Marley: Lyrics of Resistance (2014).

Dr. Hinds is also a political commentator and activist. He is a regular contributor to the Guyanese, Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora media as op-ed writer, columnist and political commentator. He writes a weekly column for the Guyana Chronicle newspaper and is an analyst for Kaieteur News and Guyana Times newspapers. In addition he is a frequent contributor to several TV programs in Guyana. In addition, he is a commentator on a monthly radio program, “The Political Hour with Dr. David Hinds,” heard on Morgan State University radio in Baltimore, USA. He is also a host of the Caribbean TV program, CaribNation, shown in the USA and across the Caribbean and an analyst on the “The Big Issues” heard on Antigua Observer Radio. Dr. Hinds is an executive member of Guyana’s Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and member of the Cuffy250 Committee and the Buxton First of August Movement– both Guyanese Civil Society organizations.