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ethnoEthno Politics and Power Sharing in Guyana


This book on Guyana can serve as a useful guide at large for understanding the problem of governance, democracy and society in ethnically divided countries and how to create a framework aimed at solving the problem. From 1950 to the present Guyana has experienced the worst of ethnically divided societies: ethnic violence, authoritarian rule, democratic exclusion and the general politics of revenge. However, it has also experienced moments of ethic solidarity – the ore, a 1955 nationalist movement that managed to hold the ethnic groups under the same electoral party, and the 1974-1992 anti-dictatorial movement whose success was premised primarily on ethnic solidarity. Finally, the ethnically segmented societies has created for itself the opportunities for power sharing, which holds out the promise for the success of the approach.






Race and Political Discourse in Guyana: A Conversation with African Guyanese in the Presence and Hearing of Indian Guyanese



The book, a compilation of essays on race and politics in Guyana, addresses topical issues such as Racial Insecurity and Triumphalism, African Guyanaese Marginalization, the Kean Gibson book, and Racial Extremism Militarism, in particular the Buxton-based violence and the Phantom Squad. There is an introduction by Eusi Kwayana and Forewords by Clarence Ellis and Eric Phillips





Bob Marley: Lyrics of Resistance


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This book explores Bob Marley’s lyrics as political text. It does so within the context of the political realities of his time. It examines the lyrics as directly and direct and indirect products of Caribbean society and politics during the period of decolonization and early independence. Further, it locates Marley within the Caribbean Radical Tradition, in particular its post-independence manifestations of Black Power and People’s Power.