Jun 12, 2018  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon

 Three important occurrences last week should be noted – the court ruled that the President could select a GECOM Chairman of his own choice bypassing the Carter formula. Secondly, Ashni Singh and Winston Brassington have received more criminal charges. Thirdly, after a long absence from the public gallery, Roger Luncheon surfaced to accuse GECOM of discrimination in employment.
Inside the psychology of all PPP leaders after their 1992 victory was that the PPP could never lose an election and was only kept out of power by electoral fraud. For all PPP cadres, once there is a general election, the PPP will win. By the time Jagdeo won a second term in 2006, the PPP’s collective psychology was saturated with invincibility.
The 2011 failure to capture a majority did not cause any reflection because the PPP still had power. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t a majority; for the PPP, the 2011 election kept the PPP in control. There was no analysis because the invincibility fever would never disappear.
freddie-kissoon-300x273Then an explanation came by randomly. It went like this; PPP supporters felt that the PPP would always win, so quite a number of them didn’t see it as urgent to go out and vote. PPP leaders actually accepted that self-destructive illusion as objective reality.
So from 2011 onwards, no breathtaking policy was embarked on. No innovative thinking was pursued. In fact, the post-2011 PPP behaved as the pre-2011 PPP – with invincible pomposity. But another illusion was embraced after 2011.
With the opposition yearly cutting parts of the national budget, the PPP saw a golden egg dropped in its lap. It can reclaim the percentage it lost in 2011 by painting the APNU and AFC as parties that put people out of jobs with their “spiteful” slashing.
With blinding spectacles that Dr. and Mrs. Jagan gave them a long time ago, the Champion of Dirt and De Donald in 2015 could not see the iceberg ahead. They rammed the iceberg disemboweling the invincible ship Papa Cheddi and Mama Janet built. The great Titanic constructed on Robb Street sank.
My reading of the situation is that the PPP will not be in power in 2020. The present ruling Coalition will be back in office. I am choosing my words carefully here. I will not say that the APNU+AFC will win in 2020. I am confining myself to the words, “will be back in office” in 2020. I think from hereon we will see the decline of the PPP and in years to come, new leadership will emerge.
This is what happens when power destroys the mind. All the tears the PPP are shedding now are crocodile tears. They had 23 years to re-think the Carter formula. However, the PPP will always win. It will be a PPP president that will have to agree to the opposition choices. So why bother to change the system.
Why bother to change institutions that feed your lust for longevity. In fact, the PPP birthed new institutions that quenched its thirst for unbridled power.
With Mark Benschop, Oliver Hinckson and other critics in mind, the PPP changed rules that existed for centuries. A person faces a jury and that jury’s decision, either way, is final. The state can now appeal a jury’s not guilty verdict. In changing the law, the PPP wanted to keep in jail its critics who were freed. It will come back to haunt the PPP. Every acquittal of PPP leaders in the High Court will be appealed.
God knows how many more charges will be forthcoming for corrupt leaders from the PPP who ran Guyana like it was a private playground. Singh and Brassington have to face the court on new charges. They probably will face a third and a fourth and a fifth indictment.
Huge resources were sold for a song. PPP leaders could have given away any part of Guyana they wanted. And why not? They were an unstoppable juggernaut.
Here is what I found morbid and sick. Even if you sold state land cheaply to a private investor, you should have tied his hands. He had to build houses and not resell the land. However, in many cases, the lands were in turn sold to individuals and the developer made prodigious profits. Meanwhile police, soldiers, nurses, labourers were on a waiting list to be contacted 20 years later.
By the way, isn’t Jagdeo open to investigation? He sold his Pradoville 1 house-lot less than a year after purchase. The requirement is ten years after. Memorabilia from the Titanic is constantly on sale at auctions. I heard Freedom House artifacts are on sale.