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My personal Public Security Ministry An appeal to the PNC’s City Council

I pay genuine sincere tribute to our more analytical commentators. They analyse core societal issues from academic, philosophical, sociological, even forensic perspectives.

Their insights often foster deeper appreciation of the bases, the history and consequences for the issues societies confront today. I harbour a suspicion that I’m not too capable of those more profound research-based reasonings. So I veer towards bread-and-butter, life-and-death realities. Of course I do depend on some scientific findings and, most of all perhaps, practical experience.

I’m trusting that Vice-President Ramjattan takes to his Public Security mandate his learnings and experience as both politician and attorney. Practical experience too! In his own Campbellville street robberies are not infrequent.

However, I trust that the Vice-President will consider my rehashed suggestions as I outline a few practical layman’s ideas to be implemented soon for my personal Ministry of Public Security, Safety and Crime Reduction.

Up front my own Ministry has to grapple with the often-justified reality that one, we are subject to the rule of law which must be exercised to the maximum in pursuit of Western-style justice and two, my enforcement operatives have to recognize and respect the civil rights and freedoms – even of known guilty crooks before they can be investigated and persecuted. Notwithstanding those (legal and other) constraints, my Ministry of Public Security will pursue vigorously the following basic strategies. In the interest of Citizens’ lawful well-being.


Just five approaches…

Beginning with traffic safety, I’ll encourage the Police Commissioner and his Traffic Officer to mount Highway patrols at nights. Well-equipped vehicles with computers will cruise our major highways and even inner-city streets.

As Minister I’ll suggest an old idea. If any mini-bus is speeding or playing music too loudly, all the passengers should be charged. Thirteen persons should not be dominated by two mini-bus workers. (After three/four prosecutions this will catch on.)

Profile city-wards, towns, districts and villages. All police stations will display on walls and computers every nook-and-cranny of a community. Where do trouble-makers gather? Which is a drug-house? Whose backyard or cemetery hides weapons?

Next, my Ministry will ask for legislation to allow enforcement officers to mount sudden surprise searches of places and persons when certain events are on. Human rights and freedoms must be balanced by personal and community security.

Finally for now my Security Ministry will encourage informants and whistle-blowers in border communities to identify just where drugs are brought in and by whom. Funds will be disbursed appropriately – especially after successful prosecutions. As Minister, I’ll also advise my Cabinet colleagues as to where we can source drones for surveilling the borders.

And since prevention is better than cure, my Ministry will collaborate with various agencies to influence our youth to walk the straight and narrow. I think I’ll propose a youth movement styled law-abiders and winners (LAW). Any ideas from you readers?

The PNC City Council – 2018

Please believe that I had planned this brief but direct appeal to the People’s National Congress (PNC) before I read that her Worship Mayor Green wants the Stabroek Market historic clock working and chiming by late May. May of this very year! Great idea, Madam.

As an aside, I view that lovely non-functioning, almost-national time-piece as symbolic of our national development malaise. Previous governments cared little about the capital because of political demography. Georgetown suffered. Both as a victim of governmental spite and municipal ineptitude.

But read this most basic and brief and simplified appeal to the PNC: “Dear PNC, since minister Bulkan, Mayor Green, Councillors Clarke and Garrett and others command status on your Executive and hierarchy, please caucus with them to fashion betterment for Georgetown in 2018.

“In most wards – from Sophia to Agricola – your PNC-friendly supporters are present (and suffering). If only for that reason, the Party, led by His Excellency, should care – much more. Please don’t tell me about non- interference in the Council’s affairs. Thank you PNC for your active consideration.”

Farewell, Granny pensioner

June is burying her 70-plus-old mom today. I’ve known June for many, many years. (Old GNS). Her mother granny Joycelyn Joseph was struck down dead on Brickdam on the second day of the year before five in the morning.

Joycelyn wanted to be– early in the long, long line of pensioners at the Bourda Post Office. What does that tell you?

The young, speeding guilty driver was sentenced to four years in jail. I suspect that because he was really sorry- One life, four years. What does that tell you? I received my own Old Age Pension Book just two days ago. They had run out of books!

What does that tell you? Farewell Joycelyn.


Just how will the Georgetown Parking meter issue play out?

Goodbye to Pat Britton a former ace forward for Guyana in football.

Coming next Friday: “Our Guyana – A Narco- Oil- Rich State?”

’Til next week!


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