Nov 15, 2017  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon

It will never stop; the circus will go on indefinitely. The circus has taken over Guyana. On the front page of the Wednesday edition of this newspaper is a photograph of the building that houses Guyana’s Consulate in Miami. In that very edition, my column details a conversation I had with the Minister of Public Infrastructure over his order to demolish the structures of the vendors on the seawall from the Bandstand to the Kitty pump station.
All the structures are gone. But here is the irony. The Minister told me the vendors had to go because their makeshift constructions were unhealthy and dirty. On seeing that consulate building, the first thing that flashed through my mind is the clowns that have taken over my country since I was a young teenager.
The vendors’ stalls are an eyesore, but what about that diplomatic building? Will a minister travel to Miami to remove that eyesore? He/she ought to, but he/she will not, because as they say in common parlance, “monkey know which limb to jump pon.” The vendors are dispensable creatures. Everything in Guyana is dispensable; foremost are the people. No one in Guyana respects their fellow human.
If you support government’s theory of the besmirching of the seawall environment by unkempt vending, then by what polemical submission can you defend the following – most schools have washrooms that are so dirty that they are unfit to be used by humans and house pets. Will the Government remove those schools from the Guyana landscape?
There is no functioning toilet in the Brickdam police compound, the Georgetown Magistrates’ courts and the High Court for the public. The High Court has a public urinal, but it does not have a sink to wash your hands. So if you had a pee and you are greeting someone on the court balcony, you will shake their hand with your dirty hand. Georgetown is again becoming a garbage city. Don’t take my word for it; just drive around.
freddie-kissoon-300x273On the parapet on the seawall road right in front of the fingerprinting department of the police force is a mountain of garbage. A second tier leader in the AFC told me his alleyway in Kitty has not been cleaned in 25 years. Pay a visit to the AFC head office. The parapet directly facing the front of the building is a jungle.
David Patterson doesn’t see what is in front of his office as an embarrassment, but his eyes lighted on the seawall. May I remind you, seawall vending is made up of poor people. There is really an out of control circus in this clownish nation. You pick up the paper and what you see on the pages makes you laugh.
Here is a good example. My wife was reading the Kaieteur News and yelled out to me that she and I have to go to one of these internal tourist destinations. She showed me the advertisements, because it is Tourism Awareness Month. Now this is funny; brace yourself for the laughs. So I am looking at the destinations and the prices. It has fourteen tourist sites. The price for one destination is listed in Guyanese dollars. Then the next resort is stated in American dollars. And it goes on like that. Why the switch from American dollars to Guyanese dollars for each item? Maybe there is a logical reason, but a cynic like me would very much doubt there is one.
Isn’t this funny? Doesn’t this make you laugh. Baganara Resort is 99 American dollars. Hurakabra Resort is 11,000 Guyana dollars. And it goes on like that. Then I noticed that most prices have the word, “starting.” What does “starting” mean? I would like to know the cost. If to visit Santa Aratak in the Essequibo starts at $8,000, what is my total cost? If Mahaica River Tour starts from $6,000, how much will I end up paying? I told my wife with such opaque pricing structures I am not going.
It is a very laughable country. The Deputy Mayor is quoted in this newspaper as saying that he didn’t know where the Mayor was going; she just said she will be out and he must chair the next statutory meeting of the Council. I definitely was laughing when I read that. That one is hilarious. You are going to China, so you open the office door of your deputy and say, “Charlie, chair the next meeting, look I “gun mystic” for a few days. Charlie then says, “whey yuh going?’ You reply, “Ah gone to Timbuktu.”