Dr. David Hinds to deliver 12th Patrick K  Emmanuel Lecture at University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Barbados




More than half a century after the first Anglophone Caribbean countries gained their formal independence, the debate over the content and direction of the region’s independence project is as necessary as it was in the early years. This is the contention of Dr. David Hinds, a Guyanese-born Caribbean scholar-activist and political scientist, who will deliver the 12th annual Pat Emanuel Lecture on Friday November 17, 2017. Speaking to the topic, “The State of Caribbean Independence: Faltering Nationalism and the emergence of a new Caribbean Politics.” The premise of Dr. Hinds discourse is that the Caribbean, through a convergence of external imperatives and internal contradictions, has veered away from its independence promise. He contends that although the ghosts of colonization still haunt the region and the challenges of post-plantationhood are as daunting as they were five decades ago, the contemporary Caribbean political order has abandoned the politics of progressive nationalism for a dangerous pragmatism that is at variance with the original independence ideals.  The lecture will trace how the region got to this point by zeroing in on the moments of hope and despair along the way and will also challenge the political directorate, Civil Society and the academic community to return to a nationalist praxis that privileges the full emancipation of the Caribbean peoples and cultures.