• kaieteur news  Nov 01, 2017  Letters  

    Dear Editor,
    I wish to explore the surreal world of political dialect and logic from the position of an aware citizen, who is not a political practitioner. I read David Hinds article ‘President’s decision politically sound, but politically senseless” Kaieteur News Monday October 23, 2017.
    I also read Freddie Kissoon’s column, because I know these men more than others. Through this letter I wish to court their guidance, because though I have tried to understand how at least in Guyana where most of our wider public attention space is occupied by known politically centered vocal voices and scribes whose logic in many cases borders on a level of ‘sober insanity’ in what they expect to be accepted by the Guyanese public, in contrast to what is real in the lives and experiences of the people that this irrational political gaff is supposed to influence.
    Having said this, I say, further, that I support the President’s appointment to GECOM. His actions broke no laws, constitutional or moral; I say this on the grounds of the national predicament of what is the opposition leader.
    When one becomes the leader of a nation, that person becomes a child of the aesthetic expression of that nationhood. This opposition leader is guilty of ‘Parricide’ in the context of his legacy.
    I want my two political colleagues to illustrate in the public arena, a criterion to allow us to view Bharrat Jagdeo, his group of five in the PSC, that would allow me and others to view them in the context of normalcy, which allows the civilized modes of due process, diligence, balanced contracts to which decrees, normal expectations are due, justify the social and political history of the 1993- 2012 PPP years, and if you intend to use the ‘Stock Propaganda’ of Burnham rigged elections, please begin with the events from 1957 onward.
    Conclude by telling us what did Dr. Steve Surujbally not do in 2015, which he had done before to merit such severe hatred from the PPP in 2015 onward.
    Don’t forget to mention the case of the ‘wicked’ false statement of polls intercepted, and from whom, please give Gocool Boodoo a few lines, as well as the secret swearing in and irregular accusations and swift swearing-ins, at least one election was proven fraudulent in the court, and while at it, remind me of public evidence for a PNC rigged election.
    And finally point to another period in the modern history of this country, 1834 to the present, when human life was viewed with such callousness as of 1996 to 2012, when Guyanese of any race could be murdered as a Contractor friend of mine was, at Back School, because he was adamant not to allow his business to be used to launder drug money.
    When you my brethren, David Hinds and Freddie Kissoon sufficiently justify this request with the required criteria, I will turn myself into the psychiatric ward on the grounds that you have proven me as a severe delusional fabricator, to also feel that the master Broker of Russia, Vladimir Putin has definitely inspired someone in the opposition to attempt to be his ideological copy cat.
    Barrington Braithwaite