by guyana chronicle September 10, 2017


THE APNU+AFC Government is its own worst enemy. It need not be offended by anyone who speaks out against acts of poor governance, incompetence, contempt for citizens’ rights and the rule of law when it is blatantly engaging in the very misconduct for which its leadership, when in Opposition, had condemned its predecessor.

Those getting vex with, seeking to silence or punish yours truly, David Hinds, Freddie Kissoon, Mark Benschop, Anand Goolsarran, Chris Ram, et al,  who in real time vocally castigated PPP/C administrations for poor governance, which they are the beneficiaries of, are not smart or don’t understand smart politics.

Let me make it very clear in the event there exists ambiguity about my position on governance: government is about people and people’s development. Wherever or whenever there exists a threat or a threat is posed to this principle, there shall be no silence from me. This must serve as notice to those who seek my silence or have become angry, I’ve remained vocal after 11th May 2015.

Society did not vote to continue what it condemned. Neither is two-third of this nation’s population, i.e. young people, deserving to live in a society where hopelessness and disappointment prevail and their elected leaders live as kings and queens when they remain deprived.  I was once young and the beneficiary of seniors who stood and fought for independence in order that Guyanese can chart and mould our destiny.


It was a time where every citizen, irrespective of age, felt there was something at stake for them and their involvement needed and respected. The young deserve no less. In fact, where my generation has reaped the benefit, we must see it as a matter of duty to do right by all.

Sitting in the seat of government are those who were young adults or children of independence and republican status. They have a responsibility, given what was fought for, to use the existing blueprint to build on and create a better society. Instead, we continue to witness atrocities committed by the PPP/C Government replicated by the APNU+AFC.  It remains wrong governing without including those whose lives will be impacted by the decisions.

The Amerindians, trade unions, business sector, political opposition, and every group have complained, publicly or privately, about this disrespect and contempt for law that requires such engagement.
Constitutional institutions, namely, the Ethnic Relations Commission, Human Rights Commission, Local Government Commission are still to be established more than two years since entering office.

But it took this administration less than six months being in office to astronomically up their pay. Increased pay goes with improved performance. The lives of the Public Service Commission, Police Service Commission and Teaching Service Commission, either came to an end or is close and there exists no sign there will be re-appointments shortly.

Government cannot be run like a cake shop when there exist laws for and rules of governance. This cadre, like the previous, wanted the job to govern, but they don’t want people to question their performance. Big men and women are behaving like spoilt children, getting annoyed when anyone questions the mediocrity that passes for governance. If during the Bharrat Jagdeo era when fear stalked the land and phantom squads reigned, I refused to cower or be silent, these cannot silent me now. My silence can only be bought or assured when good governance prevails.

The premier interest of this cabal is ceremony, merrymaking and joy rides. In many respects, they are no different from the cabal removed. Have a function, cut a ribbon, or paint the state’s properties in their party colours they know how to do that well, but finding little or no time to get down to addressing serious issues of governance, including understanding their roles and functions in the system and the instruments that should inform their conduct. Their actions are sending a message to us that we are stupid, incapable of deciphering right from wrong, and they are granting us a favour being in the seat of government; ignoring the fact their job is to serve us and represent our interests which we are paying them to do.

Since the group won the election its leadership has abandoned the African community whose vote it rode on to get into office. As for the Indian community, it was ignored during the elections and continues to be ignored. The Amerindian community that the APNU+AFC leadership is running to, their Toshaos/leaders are at serious loggerheads with them. In the face of all this, they have the gall to be walking around talking about social cohesion when what they are doing is a remarkable job of shattering the hopes of people who voted for them or who want them to succeed.

Here’s a message for the APNU+AFC leaders — you are fooling yourselves, thinking the cheers you received when you turned up at gatherings are those of love for you and support for the government’s conduct; you are failing to realise those cheers reflect the people’s understanding that at your disposal is the state’s power and they hope you will use it appropriately for their benefit. In fact, the people respect the power, not the individual.

It is time Guyana has its own political revolution. Politics influence our lives from the womb to the tomb and people must get up, speak out, and take charge of their destiny by reminding those in office who put them there, who must hold them to account, and who have the power to remove them. Let me forewarn those who will stop me on the streets, offended that I dare question their government — I remain wedded to a cause, not personalities. It matters not to me who governs, but what they do when given the people’s privilege to manage their affairs.

A change must come. The young generation deserves political maturity and opportunities to remain here and feel that they belong here. I was given such exposure and security in my youth and others are no less deserving. There are too many faces of despair and hopelessness and the sense that nothing positive can come of Guyana nor the politicians.

A nation loses its soul and essence of being when the young lose their way or feel despair. At the same time, the young must realise everything that Guyanese have achieved they have struggled for, and it’s their turn to create their revolution, because this government, like the previous, doesn’t care a damn about them.