Jul 12, 2017 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

Magistrates have been rushed down to the cow pasture in Lusignan where prisoners are being kept among a type of animal that Hindus consider sacred – the cow. At the time of writing, I have been unable to confirm if the prisoners had slaughtered a cow in the compound that they had captured and tied up.
What a mockery of life in a failed state named Guyana. When Stan Gouveia interviewed me on his radio programme “the Hot Seat,” I made mention of recurring tragedies among two nation-states – Russia and Guyana. These countries have maudlin citizens and sad histories. And while other countries with similar historical patterns have gone far into modern directions, Russia and Guyana still haven’t broken out of their isolation. Russia is leaving Guyana behind. Russian oil money is changing the nature of the way Russians see human existence.
freddie-kissoon-300x273Guyana remains bogged down in angst and nihilism. Could one have imagined that the two worst prison mayhems in the Caribbean occurred under leadership that the population was overjoyed to have because they defeated the PPP? Name another country in which the prisoners burnt down the central jail in the land. In which other country in the poorer parts of the Third World has that happened?
One year into this new government, crimes of an uncivilized nature became rampant. Some may argue that you did have bestial crimes long before the new administration took over, but I would argue that we never expected with a new environment such horrible manifestations of criminality, of which I think three need to be mentioned.
In Berbice, robbers tied up a mother and son and torched their home; the son freed himself, the mother was burnt to death. On the West Coast of Demerara, a married couple in their seventies locked themselves in their bedroom when burglars descended on the home. The bandits burned the house down with them inside. In Berbice, robbers chopped a seventy year old man and his wife to death, while enjoying themselves to drinks and food.
We all thought Guyana would travel into a new horizon when APNU teamed up with the AFC and won the 2015 elections. It was not to be. The first sign that we were in for jejune, uninspiring leadership was the fifty percent (why not twenty, why fifty) increase the new leaders gave themselves, retroactive to the time they came into power. Equally mind-boggling was the billion-dollar construction of Durban Park that was totally unnecessary.
One egregious mistake after another began to drown the phenomenon that all Guyanese were so overjoyed to have in May 2015.
Poor Stabroek Market vendors were unceremoniously scattered from the place they earned a living, just to accommodate a Golden Jubilee celebration. It was heartless and hellish. President Granger’s hero, Forbes Burnham, would not have gone in that sadistic direction.
Not satisfied that they were cruel to vendors in 2016, they were about to do the same in 2017 with those who remained. This was despite the fact that they had Durban Park to do the Independence thing in 2017. As a testimony to the failure of post-2015 leadership, Durban Park is now an aesthetic monstrosity. In mainstream journalism, we call it a White Elephant.
Every day, the abominable mistakes of the post-2015 leadership multiply. Amidst this deterioration, citizens began to laugh at the APNU+AFC coalition the way they did when the PPP was in government and Jagdeo, Ramotar, Kellawan Lall, Clement Rohee and others ran a circus in Guyana.
People are laughing at the national awards and the people who made the decisions. A man who left Guyana in 1978 and only returned at age 65 in 2016 was given the CCH, while people like Adam Harris and Dr. Mark Kirton who gave all their youth in service to Guyana were gifted with the AA. Monkey knows which limb to jump on. Had they risked that insult with me, I would have reached the Office of the President to give them back their medal. There is something in Guyana we call “eyepass.”
Everybody was lining up outside the Lusignan cow pasture yesterday to see the greatest circus on earth. The magistrates entered the pasture to dish out nominal bail to remand accused who were before the courts on misdemeanour charges, including disorderly behaviour. When these poor souls were being sent to remand on offences that no serious country would have denied them bail for, our leaders were unmoved and unconcerned. Then the central jail was flattened by arson and the magistrates turned up at the cow pasture.
Boom out, Simona! Look at the cows mixing with the prisoners!