Jul 10, 2017 News

 Working People’s Alliance (WPA) is of the firm belief that the issues affecting the youth of Guyana should be tackled in a comprehensive manner. So said its Chairperson, Tabitha Sarabo-Halley at the party’s most recent press conference.
Sarabo-Halley said that the WPA is of the view that this demographic that is critical to the development of the country and holds the key to its re-election. “While we acknowledge the work being done in the area of Sports, the successful Hack-a-ton, the STEM programme and the meaningful changes that have occurred in the PYARG programme, we feel that these have only benefited a small section of the population. WPA urges a broadening of these programmes to include a wider cross-section of youths.”

The chair said that the WPA feels that the National Youth Policy should form the basis upon which youths are engaged.
“We, therefore, urge the government to convene the National Youth Council after meaningful consultations with youth in all regions of Guyana. We further call on the government to ensure that this National Youth Council has representatives from every Region in the country and put systems in place to allow recommendations from this council to inform the annual budgetary allocation for youth.”
Further, Sarabo-Halley said, “We recommend that The National Youth Council should conduct a nation-wide study to determine which aspects of the Youth Policy should be prioritised by the government.
“WPA also calls for the early convening of a National Youth Conference as promised in the Coalition’s manifesto.”