Jun 22, 2017 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

There is a very long letter by Clement Rohee analyzing the actors within the APNU formation and tracing the intrigues among the partners in that Alliance. Rohee’s name will forever be associated with the facetious saying; “goat ain’t bite meh.” He made use of that local lingo when he was asked if he is considering running for the presidency for the 2011 elections. He answered, “Why not, goat ain’t bite meh.”
freddie-kissoon-300x273Most people from there on believed that the goat indeed bit Rohee because his deportment subsequent to that exclamation pointed and still points in that direction. Why would Rohee write such a long letter informing the Guyanese people about Rupert Roopnaraine and the WPA and their relationship with the PNC inside APNU and who won and who lost out when most Guyanese would give anything to read an analysis from Rohee about the more absorbing intrigues in the PPP since Cheddi Jagan died.
The answer is ignorance. It is ignorance because who cares about the infighting of a two year old government as compared to what happened in the PPP? There are literally hundreds of fascinating questions about the long knives in the PPP that eventually give rise to a completely unknown young man in the PPP as against stalwarts like Rohee.
If a poll is taken, most people would say they are more interested in the conspiracies in the PPP; in who undermined whom, and who destroyed whom after Jagan died paving the way for the rise of Bharrat Jagdeo. And even more riveting, would be why is Jagdeo the Opposition Leader and not Rohee himself or former President, Donald Ramotar?
Speaking for myself as a historian and social analyst, I am more interested in the realpolitik inside the PPP that led to Jagdeo being far more powerful than Rohee in the PPP rather than read about why Roopnaraine and the WPA lost out to the PNC in APNU. Testifying in libel proceedings that Jagdeo brought against me, Roger Luncheon said under oath that he first knew about Bharrat Jagdeo and met with him after 1992.
donald2If the PPP was in opposition from 1964 to October 1992 (about 28 years) and Luncheon only knew about a fellow named Bharrat Jagdeo after 1992 then the most dynamic question on the lips of any Guyanese who follows politics is how such a person in 1999 became the President inside the PPP Government. That has to be one of the most enduring mysteries in politics anywhere in the world.
Yet this man who said goat didn’t bite him wants to describe for us, conspiracies in the APNU that led to Rupert Roopnaraine losing the Ministry of Education. Really! Who cares about that? People want to know more of why Rohee, Nagamootoo, Ralph Ramkarran, Gail Teixeira, and Roger Luncheon got shafted rather than why Roopnaraine was shafted. Again, I repeat, this can only be ignorance in the sense of being wild and silly.
Instead of writing about how the PNC reduced the WPA to nothing in the APNU formation, Rohee needs to do the decent thing and tell us how a virtual unknown in the PPP at age 38 reduced him to nothing. In being reduced to nothing, Rohee needs to answer the following question.

Why didn’t he contest the presidential slot in 2011? After all, goat didn’t bite him? How did Ramkarran come to lose out to Ramotar for the 2011 elections? What did he, Rohee, say to Ramkarran to cause Ramkarran to quit the PPP?
Ramkarran was insulted at an executive meeting and was so hurt that he resigned. The two persons cited as the offenders were Teixeira and Rohee. So is Rohee going to tell us about that incident? Why did Rohee lose out to Jagdeo for the post of General-Secretary (leader)? Can Rohee use his extensive knowledge of the biology of the PPP (he was and has been part of that biology for more than thirty years) to explain why “there is no place for Donald.”
The phrase, “no place for Donald” was coined by Rupert Roopnaraine during the 2011 election campaign. It was reference to the fact that all of Ramotar’s contemporaries in the PPP secured Cabinet or top public sector posts after the PPP came to power in 1992 except “De Donald.” The phrase was reborn because after the 2015 defeat, there was no place for Donald as General Secretary, as a parliamentarian and in an office at Freedom House. Will Rohee write on these things? No, he cannot; the goat has bitten him.