May 07, 2017 Freddie Kissoon

 Today begins my analysis of the two years of the tenure of the new government that came to power in May 2015. It has been such a chagrin-induced performance that one column cannot capture the disappointing realities of the attitudes inside the corridors of power. It is very unwise for any human to make a neat, methodological separation between a small mistake and a large one. We humans have grown up to think that people should not be confronted with their tiny mistakes only the large, ugly errors.
Life doesn’t work that way and it will never work that way. An unimportant peccadillo can tell you what is inside the substance of a human and in one’s relationship with powerful people, one should be careful to always contextualize little digressions; they tell you the nature of people.
In July, the first session of Parliament began under the APNU+AFC regime. I was outside the Assembly in the picket line with my group, “Coalition for the 1823 Monument on Parade Ground.” We were picketing against Opposition leader, Bharrat Jagdeo.
I was shocked to see the number of barricades that ringed Parliament had increased tremendously. APNU and the AFC had used their parliamentary majority in 2012 to pass a motion to remove the monstrous eyesore. But they made the monstrosity larger when they got into power, and it is still there. The Capitol News journalist reacted in this way when I told him that may be a harbinger of things to come; “aah, Freddie, duh is a small matter.”
frddie3That barricade issue was the beginning of the unfolding of the APNU+AFC coalition’s approach to political culture, and it is an approach that saw absolutely nothing visionary and transformational about state power. I am not prepared after looking at two years of governance to say that this regime is corrupt. I don’t think there is evidence to make that conclusion. I don’t think there is evidence to make the judgement that this is an ethically partisan and nepotistic administration.
What I think exists is a mountain of evidence to support the analysis that the leadership of APNU and AFC embodies the old political culture that has prevailed the past sixty years, and that culture contains an intolerance to criticism, a willingness to confront and defeat dissent, and a disrespect for the sacred fulcrums that underlie democracy, freedom, justice, fairplay and respect for the citizenry.
I believe there should be justified fear on the part of independent voices that there are leaders inside the PNC and the AFC that will display malice and aggression toward the press and independent thinkers that pursue their bad governance and expose their mistakes and incompetence.
granger2For this first column I will offer two examples. I cite the semantic violence by the AFC against Dr. David Hinds, a man I consider a Guyanese icon. The other example is this columnist. What has been done to me over the Raphael Trotman tape has convinced me that we are in for a period of the domination of old political culture.
I believe the Office of the President press release against me had to have had the input of the President himself. I believe the President did this to protect Minister Trotman, who has had a long friendship with Mr. Granger. One must recall that after the election result was announced Granger called Trotman and said, “Raphael, this is Nassau.” The AFC joined President Granger in repeating the press release that referred to me as wicked.
One Minister in the AFC referred to my column on what Trotman said about President Granger creating a ministry for his son-in-law as asinine. I did not say it; I merely repeated what Trotman said. But this minister never mentioned Trotman’s name. Like the President, only Freddie Kissoon’s name was published.
I end with Imran Khan. After an hour-long conversation with Mr. Khan, I will now offer an apology to him based on what he said during our talk.
I was not supplied with proof, but Mr. Khan told me I had wronged him grievously by penning a column on him attributing the AFC’s press release on me as the work of him, Khan. He said it was the AFC leadership that suggested the press release and the draft was given to him. He, Khan, did not initiate the process. I have no reason to challenge his integrity. I am sorry if he felt wronged, but my source told me he was the originator. Mr. Khan was kind enough to tell me in his personal opinion, he didn’t think the press release should have been done. Sorry, Imran!