Mar 13, 2017 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon

 frddie2When I was conversing in the kitchen with my wife and daughter yesterday about the danger of educated minds being bigoted, I had no idea that I would be doing this subject today. We were talking about mistreatment of animals and my daughter made the point that when people are educated they know better. Immediately I interjected and contradicted her. I reminded her that such a concept has existed since time immemorial, but it is a myth.
I explained that the most poisonous ideologies that have created unspeakable violence throughout history have been generated by educated people and many highly mannered people at that. Guyanese must never think even for a fleeting moment that it is the Indian cane cutter from Port Mourant and the African labourer from New Amsterdam that perpetuate the infallibility of Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan.
It is many widely educated Indians and Africans in high positions throughout the world that believe in and spread the propaganda that these two men were great and did not commit unpardonable political sins. Here is something that is interesting. If you sit down with that cane cutter or labourer, with the kind of language reach that someone like Walter Rodney and Rupert Roopnaraine had, you could easily persuade these ordinary folks that Burnham and Jagan were not as great as they are made out to be.
Try telling that to the most learned African Burnhamite and Indian Jaganite. All their erudition from university goes out the window. They would not listen, they will never listen.
Today, it is naive to think that it is the Indian labourer from Corentyne and the African carpenter from Georgetown that are spreading doctrines of falsehood about the sociology of race. The people who brew that poison like the Macbethian witches are not your semi-literate folk, but persons well placed in this land.
A graphic example was the celebration of a hundred years since the abolition of indentureship. The speeches that were delivered there were not only the ignorance of the devilish mind, but the mind of people bent on stifling any space for ethnic reconciliation.
The ignorance was so sick that I had to reply. Imagine Ms. Ryhaan Shah told the audience that Guyanese East Indians are marginalized.  Ravi Dev and Shah responded to my disgust at their outpouring and it is an education for Guyanese to read what they said about me.  Ms. Shah believes that my denunciation of her ethnic propagandizing endangers Government’s programme of encouraging social cohesion. Imagine, I repudiated race-baiting by a person who then, turns around and says my reply endangers social cohesion.
I honestly cannot believe another person on Planet Earth could match such sickening nonsense. This is like the thief telling the judge that the judge’s action in trying him is more harmful to society than the thief who steals other people’s property.
But there is much more to the ignorance of this lady. She calls me a self-loather. And it is easy to find out why. I am an Indian and I criticize Indians who speak up on behalf of Indians; as an Indian I should not do that and when I do that it means I loathe who I am – an Indian. It is not that I chastise Indians who speak on behalf of Indians; I criticize Indians who spread ignorance, ethnic propaganda and invent fictions to fool the Indian population and divide Guyanese.
Then there is Dev. He rejected my contention that over ninety percent of the business world in Guyana is in the hands of Indians. Dev would have rejected any percentage I put down because that fact is his nemesis. If I had said 60 percent Dev would have said no. Why?  Because the Indian control of the wealth of Guyana is the biggest setback to Dev’s theory of Indian hegemony. Dev wants equality in numbers in the public service, the army, the police force, the political rulership. But there is big trouble that awaits him when he serenades his converters.
African rights activists come up and say, “Yeah maan, let’s have equality between the two races in everything.” By everything they mean everything, jobs, economy, power etc. How is Dev going to concede, that when his objective is ethnic hegemony? If you have equal possession of wealth, then hegemony falls. This explains why in his response, he wants to know how I arrived at ninety percent. I arrive at ninety percent because it is not rocket science. The motive of people like Dev and Shah is to blind history so they can wins converts. We must stop them!