By  Stabroek News November 4, 2016

 -Elections USA: Some “Black” Presidents


Okay friends, bear with me as I return yet once more to my dubiously-favourite theme of a modern-day moral dilemma.

From my own fifties onwards, I’ve observed how even upright “Christian” folks have had to compromise their principles, values, morals in order to survive or to acquire suspicious status or some influence which guarantees their daily livelihood. Whether it’s the good Christian, the poor pastor, the magistrate or the government minister shopping in an enterprise or attending a gala event both under the ownership or auspices of  a Drug Baron, or me travelling in a bus which the proceeds of the drug trade purchased, or me  advertising some “front” for illegality, our old time morality is compromised.

It is well- known that the store, the club, the hotel, the resort, the concert are all under the purview of the Drugs Dons but nothing has ever been proved in a Court of Law. Those compromised can then claim the supermarket owner, the donor to the NGO is guilty of nothing, except extrajudicial allegations.



The Barons’ status and assistance

The local Kingpins, the Cocaine Sharks have status, “credibility”, influence. And of course, wealth. Their nefarious enterprise is hidden behind seemingly wholesome “fronts”. Too many are too poor to keep all of their God’s Commandments.

Need makes them compromise and even offer explanations and excuses for buckling to illegality and evil. For the young, old values no longer apply. The successful crook is today’s role-model.

Imagine this partly-true scenario: Sister Susan is aware that Mr Bertie is a successful Narcotics Baron. Her 18-year old son needs overseas surgery urgently. She accepts the drug lord’s assistance. Her son must survive and she is forever indebted to the local Narcotics Baron. (Incidentally he has long regarded his evil trade as his “legitimate business.”) And Sister Susan could not chase away the cartel comrade as the government Colombia once did. When that Baron offered to pay off the country’s National Debt!

Rather, the Christian Sister Susan ignores the fact that the Baron’s charity stems from wealth accumulated by wrecking other 18-year-olds’ lives. And she even seeks solace in her Holy Bible! Forgiveness available? Proverbs 13:22: “…And the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” Discuss…



Gunmen in Parliament?

No I can’t ever mean our honourable members of Parliament. The National Assembly is one component of Parliament. They gather, as part-time legislators in the house located in the Public Buildings. Despite tons of security there, listening to Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, I’m becoming worried for the safety of our honourable members!

Ignoring the obvious, visible legacy of crime his people left for the Granger administration, Jagdeo made some valid, robust points about the now daily gun-crime invasions. He warned that when gun-toting criminals now invade stores, groceries, homes, restaurants, clubs, weddings, wakes, churches and hotels, all are vulnerable and open to injury and death. Tourism will suffer, he warns. His colleague Donald Rabindranauth Ramotar quips that the Cabinet is meeting at GDF Ayanganna because they crave the best security. Would gunmen now riskchallenging security in our National Assembly? After all, most of our MP’s are very comfortable financially. And crooks and bandits are not political! Watch out, both government and opposition MP’s!

I conclude with my more serious (repetitive) observations. Until the government can implement all its legislation, employment programmes and numerous “Strategic plans”, I recommend again the following: Each village station  must have electronic and hand-drawn profiles of every village (nooks and crannies); community police members must know the pools clubs, alcoholics, junkies and abusive spouses; private sector companies and citizens must assist all police stations and outposts to have two good vehicles and working (known) telephones; commissioner and commander must ensure stations are fully manned by night; traffic cops must be by clubs and on roadways from evening to dawn.

What’s tough about the above? Not rocket science! Just implement even as you work on Forensic Labs, money laundering training and Cyber-crime. Please. Save us from increased Christmas crimes!


Elections USA: Afro Presidents?


In three/four days the mighty USA will have its new 45th President. I suspected it’ll be their first female Head. I would have preferred some other lady, but Hillary was the lone candidate and I can’t vote there.

I planned to be light-hearted for Tuesday night’s occasion but have lost my notes. So ‘til next time, I’ll explain, in depth, why Barack is not only wholly Black and why he was\is not the first mixed-race US President. Stay tuned!





President Granger embraces “Coalition Politics”. Hoping for inclusion, cohesiveness or cohesion? Burnham ditched the United Force but the AFC is needed if even for a few nominal seats.

Name three retired drug barons you know. Or suspect.

Loved seeing many “ethnicities” dressed in Indian garb for Diwali imagery. Cohesion? Naah, but peaceful coexistence absent elsewhere. At Eureka Lab in Georgetown, there were many douglahs dressed for Diwali. The best cohesion possible!

Acquire the Old Co-op Building to make a modern vendors mall. With parking!

`Til next week!