Remembering Walter Rodney


by dr. david hinds

This past week, we observed the 36th anniversary of Walter Rodney’s assassination. Some have asked why has there not been a national event in recognition of this esteemed son of Guyana, while others have called for his academic work to be integrated into our formal education system.

I associate myself with these sentiments. As difficult as it is, at some point in time, we have to reach beyond narrow partisan politics and embrace the soul of our country in every regard.
Perhaps we can begin this conversation at a public symposium to mark Walter Rodney’s anniversary, to be held this Tuesday, June 21, at the National Public Library at 5 pm.

Titled “Guyana at 50: Looking Back to Look Forward”, the symposium is intended to be a deep reflection on our Independence journey, with an eye on our future as a nation in which all our peoples are guaranteed material and cultural security.

The speakers will be Dr. Alissa Trotz, Dr. Janet Bulkan, Ms. Tabitha Sarabo and Dr. David Hinds.

Such a discussion is a fitting way to remember Walter Rodney, who expended a lot of his intellectual and activist energies asking questions about independence and working for an Independence praxis that centres the peoples of our country, in particular the toilers and the downtrodden.