Jun 18, 2016 KN News

 …Insists contract should be released to public
In the interest of transparency and accountability, Chairman of the National Industrial and Commercial

NICIL Chairman, Dr. Maurice Odle

Investments Limited (NICIL), Dr. Maurice Odle believes that the contract for the controversial Marriott Hotel should be made public.
Odle remarked that too often, the citizenry hears of agreements being made between the Government and private parties and when there is a call for scrutiny to take place, “The infamous confidentiality clause is invoked.”
The NICIL Chairman added, “And where there is too much confidentiality clause it leads to corruption as in the case of the Marriott Hotel. For the Marriott, too many confidentiality clauses led it into the avenue of corruption. All those different confidentiality clauses they were invoking led to a set of actions which cannot be substantiated.”
Odle emphasized that the more the nature of such agreements are known to the electors and the taxpayers on whose behalf the Government is acting, then the better it will be for the accomplishment of good governance in Guyana.
Asked to say if he will provide a copy of the Marriott Hotel contract to the media, he remarked, “I am Chairman of NICIL and not Atlantic Holdings Inc. (AHI) which is the Board overseeing the operations of Marriott. Beverly Harper is in charge of the AHI and they should have a copy of the Marriott Hotel contract at hand and it should be released to the public. There may be a copy of the contract buried somewhere at NICIL but AHI has easier access to it.”
The NICIL Chairman said that he is all for transparency and accountability and insists that such agreements should not be treated as a “state secrets.” He said that the Marriot Hotel contract should be in the public domain for all upright and concerned citizens to peruse.