stabroek news letter

Dear Editor,

“If our historical truths are being censored by the existing media, then Africans need their own media,” wrote Eric Phillips in the letters column of SN, May 25. If that is a plea or a request or suggestion, I am wholeheartedly behind it. Yes, it is time we Africans have our own outlet of news-making. I tried with a newspaper named the Witness that eventually folded after a seven-year run. Everything that we have tried to say, has either been censored or downright re-arranged by the editors. It is their right to do whatever, but their right often overshadows their knowledge. A letter published in SN by former President Donald Ramotar, claimed that Dr Jagan was “Guyana’s greatest asset.” If Mr Ramotar had been au fait with the report during those days of the independence discussions, he would not have made such a false claim. I hope Madam Nestor’s rebuttal would put this false claim in the grave it deserves. Persons should not believe that it was an honest mistake by SN in publishing that Ricardo Smith was editor of the Graphic ‒ in journalism the word is called research.

SN had the audacity to interview four persons on the state of the country which was published on May 15, and these four knowledgeable and clairvoyant persons, speaking on behalf of all seven hundred thousand of us Guyanese opined that ‘High hopes turn to disappointment.’ Did SN seek to publish a rebuttal to these erroneous claims (my rebuttal never saw the light of day). After reading SN for a number of years you understand where SN is coming from; they prefer to allow persons writing what is known in journalist’s lingo as ‘fluff’ to dominate ‒ people who either condemn or are bright enough and capable of advising the present administration.

I know that the newspaper is in the making; it cannot arrive soon enough for me.

Yours faithfully,

Milton Bruce