The spirit of brotherhood and national unity is the message the Alliance For Change (AFC) is urging all Guyanese to embrace in the face of distasteful “race fear” tactics being spun lately by the political opposition.

AFC Leader,  Khemraj Ramjattan

The AFC, in a missive to the media, also registered its concern about politically connected agents who are linking recent acts of crime to ethnicity.
The party said that such acts represent a reprehensible attempt to sow division, discord and ethnic fear in the society and it must be condemned.
It said that ethnic mobilization is a known chief instrument for opposition political mobilization.  The AFC said that the naked and vulgar levels to which the Opposition has descended is abhorrent and reiterated its call for all peace-loving Guyanese to join the party in denouncing such political tactics.
The Party also recalled that recently, a “former President and ruling party General Secretary”, invented an ethnic dimension to a purely technical requirement for the names of school children to appear on answer sheets for examinations.
The AFC said that the Opposition saw this innocent and pragmatic requirement as a stratagem to target the children of a particular ethnicity, and to give them failed marks.
It noted that this was subsequently debunked by the Ministry of Education. It said that “The former President” also invoked the ghost of national service, and wickedly alleged that the scheme was directed against Indo-Guyanese women.
The Party urged that as the nation prepares for another Arrival Day, all political parties and social organizations must avoid the temptation of racial profiling and commit themselves to achieving Guyana’s motto, “One People, One Nation, One Destiny.”