Brentnol Holder on Thursday morning stood outside the Ministry of the Presidency with a placard

 One man placard in support of embattled Harmon

that bore the words, “Joe, the Lord shall fight for you’’.
When asked his reason for the protest, Holder said, “I’m no friend of Harmon but I’m only asking forgiveness for him. I agree that he may have done one or two wrongs but it cannot add up to all the discrepancies of Jagdeo”.
Holder further opined that Harmon should apologize for his recent actions. In a controversial twist Holder is quoted as saying, “The Jagdeo administration had allowed Bai Shan Lin to rape Guyana.”
The very statement made by Holder speaks volumes of Harmon’s recent actions. He briefly touched on the recent picketing of Kaieteur News condemning the action of the protestors calling it “wrong”.
Holder went on to say, “The media has a right to expose any wrong doers, be it top government officials or the man in the street, big or small, high or low”.
The man also stated that he was neither paid nor asked to protest on Harmon’s behalf and that it was of his own inclination and at his own expense.