Dear Editor,
Dr. David Hinds has attacked PM Moses Nagamootoo in your March 13 article titled, “Did Moses Nagamootoo fool the people who voted for him” in connection with the PM’s idea that it’s better to grant more licenses to new people than to rescind licenses already given. Dr. Hinds said, “I am not sure whether the PM is speaking for the government as a whole or for the AFC faction of the government, but I completely disagree with that approach.”
Well, it seems as if fairness requires Mr. Hinds to find out if what the PM is saying is a decision of Cabinet before aiming his darts solely at the PM. To be fair to Mr. Hinds, he has played a great part in restoring democracy, is an independent thinker, and cares much for Guyana. However, he needs to be more thoughtful before throwing barbs. In my view, it seems more like a ‘Solomon’ decision to expand the pool of licenses. If the Coalition government reviews all the decisions made by the previous government, it will be bogged down in legal gridlock.  For instance, should the government now rescind the 54,000 acres of land reportedly awarded to the Clerk of the National Assembly? Where will it stop?
Dr. Jerry Jailall
Clayton, NC