06f7c9_fd0dba4a493841398f756a195c71d262There comes a time in your life when a contradiction confounds you and you are paralyzed philosophically and morally. You simply do not have the answer for this complexity. I find myself in this position at the moment. I never thought I would. I support the abolition of the death penalty. I would not depart from that belief. I did pen a column in which I offered an exception. I still do. I believe leaders who use power to murder critics should be executed.
I say with all the threads of decency in my character, I believe the state of Guyana should execute those three teenagers who went on an uncivilized orgy of violence in Berbice, if they are found guilty. The State should not accept the guilty plea to manslaughter. They should be hanged.
I am still psychologically jaded at the reality that these three teenagers come from among the population I live among. Is it possible during the 2015 election campaign I saw them in Berbice? How could Guyana produce these monsters? The agricultural based economy we have with our small population does not give rise to such bestial and pathological crimes. Such crimes are committed by alienated people in large populations running into hundreds of millions in advanced industrial societies.
The nature of the bestialities revolts you to the core. I am so emotional about what happened that I want these young men removed from civilization.  They have forfeited their right to live in the modern world. It is the nature of their crime that sickens you deeply and it becomes inhuman when you take into account their age. Not satisfied that they brutalized a mother and her child, they tied them up and lit the house burning the mother to death.  Three young men took advantage of an elderly woman who couldn’t even fight back with one of them if she was up on her feet. This is savagery unheard of in the English-speaking Caribbean. Death comes instantly when you are shot. To know that you are going to be burnt alive is too horrible to contemplate.
These three monsters days later invaded a home; robbed a couple and hacked them to death. The morbid cowardice was again displayed by these three genetic freaks when they chopped a victim that was eighty years old. If this aged man was up on his feet, he couldn’t even fight with one of them, yet they chopped him to death. One of them previously faced a murder charge for a 13-year-old victim.
The philosopher would tell you that Homo sapiens is not the higher animal we have been scientifically brought up to think he/she is. When you live among animals and see their “humanity” then you begin to question how higher than the lower animals is Homo sapiens. I have read Arthur Koestler. I find Kostler’s beautiful and haunting description of the lower nature of Homo sapiens not only persuasive, but deeply compelling.
You have to live closely with members of the lower species to see how gentle and kinder and more loving they can be than Homo sapiens. One of our pets is Gypsy. My daughter named her Gypsy. Gypsy is a cat that causes you to believe that those three teenagers are unfit to be called higher animals. Gypsy behaves like a human. When my wife and daughter are in bed watching a movie, Gypsy would jump in between them and watch at the television. Gypsy plays hide and seek with my wife. When my wife is in the living room reading the newspapers, to get my wife’s attention she would give off a faint cry. When my wife looks in her direction, she would withdraw further from behind the chair and stare at my wife with one eye. She repeats her antics until my wife goes to get her. Then the hide and seek game begins.
When we cannot find her, we would perambulate the entire house yelling out for her, but she would not show. She does that deliberately until we get into panic mode and she emerges from her hiding place. Gypsy reminds me of how “human” some animals can be. The other pet cat, Dusty, shows strong emotions of jealousy. Our pet dog kisses us all the time and refuses to be alone. You have to be with her every minute of the day.
This is the behaviour of what we humans call lower animals. But how lower are they when you compare them to Homo sapiens? After what those three teenagers confessed to, I think you should read Arthur Koestler. And get some pets if you don’t have any. You would see and love the difference.