Dear Editor,
I am forced to pen this letter after reading K/N Tuesday 11, November, 2015 where a five year old was killed by accident in Essequibo. I am in sympathy with the family. I had the experience when my late husband Bholan Boodhoo, of the Alliance For Change leadership, was killed by accident whilst jogging on the J. B. Singh Road on November the 8th 2013 by a GPL emergency crew bus driven by one Otis Jamieson . That matter went to the magistrate court. It took one year before it was concluded. During the trial I never missed a court hearing.
To my surprise the trial magistrate (Anne Mcllenan) said there was no evidence to convict the driver of the minibus. There was another person who was involved in the accident that person refused to testify citing that she cannot remember anything about the accident. It was alleged that she accepted compensation from the driver of the minibus. There were no photographs from the accident. The police said all the photographs that were taken from the accident scene were spoiled. Also there was no Dr. Nehaul Singh who did the Post Mortem examination to testify.
However, he was given a sentence of eighteen months for dangerous driving. I was there when he was taken away by the police. A few days later I came face to face with him in Thomas Street. I was shocked to see him driving. After making several enquires about his release I was told that he appealed the sentence. From the time of the accident his driver’s licence was never suspended. Every time I see him driving on the road and I look at him he put on a broad smile. Sometimes I ask myself if he is making a mockery out of me. A few days after the accident the police try to harass me. Imagine my husband was killed and I was subject to harassment. I know from the day of the accident that I will never get justice for my husband’s death because I saw what was transpiring between three police men from the Kitty Police Station and the man’s relatives. My husband was hit on the grass and they claimed that he was attempting to cross the road. My husband is not an illiterate person, he is an academic and I know he is a careful person.
It was alleged that the man and his family would have known people in high office. Also someone who is very close to him is a Prospective Lawyer. Based on my humble opinion should there be an appeal nothing will come out of the matter. Otis Jamieson will walk free. I will get justice from the Almighty, I am praying for him. One of his female relatives told me that money rules the world. To the family of all accident victims, pray for the culprits. Based on my experience in my circumstances there is no justice in Guyana and there will never be when there is a corrupt police force to deal with. The root of the lawlessness was created by the former regime and it continues. The bus that killed my husband is BGG 4671 and it registered at GRA as PGG 4671.
Mahadai Boodhoo (Mrs)