So, after very careful consideration, I have decided to endorse the Coalition for the upcoming election and would be campaigning for its return to office. Some of the issues which I feel strongly about— poverty alleviation, ethnic equality, education reform, constitutional reform, village renewal, gender equality, decriminalisation of the state, democratic governance and living wages for the poor—would stand a better chance with the Coalition in office.

Despite the less than sterling intra-coalition management of APNU+AFC, I still feel a Coalition Government provides more opportunities for change than a one-party government still wedded to the notion of ethno-racial domination. My support for the government’s re-election is not an abandonment of my role as self-critic and watchdog of government. But as I told a WPA community meeting in Buxton on Thursday night, there is a time and place for everything. Now is the time to rally the country around the Coalition as the better choice going forward. I, therefore, intend to help the Coalition, through the WPA, which has identified a role for itself.