Jan 01, 2019  kaieteur News

By Kiana Wilburg
Even though the Opposition’s No-Confidence motion was passed, the very opposition must exhibit patience with the government which is now seeking to explore the dynamics of the situation.
This is according to Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. David Hinds.
Dr. Hinds noted that never in Guyana’s history have citizens witnessed a successful No-Confidence Motion. As such, he believes that “we need to ensure that we get it right…”
The WPA Executive Member said, “Some are saying that it was not properly passed and I believe that we should examine that. I would argue that we should do nothing outside of the rule of law and nothing that violates the Constitution. At the end of the day, I don’t think we should have a government versus opposition position. We need consensus that we are doing the right thing.”
“We also have to be conscious of the fact that PPP supporters are likely to feel that the government is trying to keep itself in office. And so, even as the government is exploring all the possibilities, it must bear that mind.

“While the PPP is correct that the motion was passed, it must be patient and let us ensure that we crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s. Both sides need to be patient.”
Dr. Hinds expressed the view that success of the No-Confidence vote exposed the weakness of the coalition.
“The government has to take full responsibility for what happened. With such a slim majority, they governed as though they had a super majority. All of the coalition members did not feel a sense of ownership of the government. So the entire management of the coalition was just filled with mistakes.
“I have always said that when different parties come together, you have to be delicate. And with such a slim majority in the House, you need to be cautious about your policies…”
Dr. Hinds said that there were those in Government who recognized that the coalition was crumbling, “but those in charge were so drunk and seduced by power they couldn’t see this Motion coming or its success.”
The political commentator said that the WPA will have to make a decision on how it is going to move forward with the coalition. He said that his party has not been active with the APNU, nor has the APNU tried to be active with the WPA.
Additionally, the political commentator said that the success of the Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion comes as a blow to those who believe in coalition politics. He said, too, that the outcome exposes the fact that the coalition underestimated the political acumen of the PPP.
He said, “When the coalition went to elections, the PPP was badly wounded. When the APNU+AFC Party got into power, the PPP was able to move from being a party that was battered and bruised to one bringing down the Government in three years.
“And they were winning all the arguments; from wages to sugar to authoritarianism…They are probably the first political party in the Caribbean to do what they did.”
The WPA Executive Member said that the Government has no one but itself to blame for its fall from grace.