Governments all over the world transfer money to citizens–some directly, some indirectly. Most of the transfers go to rich people. In America farmers get a cheque from the govt, they get social security cheque, they get pension cheque. they get unemployment cheque, they get disability cheque. Is the US a welfare state? yes it is–welfare mostly for the rich, but welfare nevertheless.  All European States are so-called Welfare states. Canada and China and Russia are. Every State in the whole wide world is a Welfare State. Guyana has long been a Welfare State. Some States have the actual word “welfare in their constitutions. Now, we propose a little cheque for poor people in Guyana TO SUPPLIMENT THEIR EARNINGS, and those of us who are well to do are searching every corner to find ways why they should not get it. By the way, the word “welfare” as used in the USA and which we repeat in this discussion has racist connotations, yet we use it as if its high science.