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November 5, 2019

Guyana Chronicle News

More to life than just oil and gas–Sharma Solomon

Guyana Chronicle By Staff Reporter -November 4, 2019    Former Region 10 Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon –Sharma Solomon says, calls on Lindeners to set sights on spin-off industries instead WITH all the hype associated with the coming oil-and-gas industry, Lindeners are no doubt hopeful that this industry will change the economic landscape…

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David Hinds Blog, Walter Rodney

The Walter Rodney Legacy

 Nov 03, 2019  Features / Columnists, Hinds’ Sight with Dr. David Hinds A recent news story in the Stabroek News quotes Walter Rodney’s widow, Dr. Patricia Rodney pleading with our government to make public the report of the Rodney Commission of Inquiry which was handed over more than four years ago. It…

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