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October 2, 2019

Henry Jeffery, Stabroek

Multiple absurdities–Henry Jeffery

stabroek news By Henry Jeffrey  October 2, 2019 I have been informed that this is the first time in Guyana’s post-independence electoral history – certainly the first time since the electoral reforms in the early 1990s – that elections have been called without the major parties having agreed upon the list of…

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Cash transfer can be viable welfare programme targeting specific group of people who cannot make ends meet

By Stabroek News  October 2, 2019 Dear Editor, As the national elections approaches, political parties have been broadly addressing key policy initiatives they believe would benefit Guyana in the coming decade, during which oil revenues are expected to give Government access to an additional source of wealth. Many questions about how Government…

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KNEWS-Freddie Kissoon

Has Ramjattan finally defeated Nagamootoo?

 Oct 02, 2019  Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon For the past three months, since the June Congress of the AFC where Ramjattan was identified as the AFC nominee for the PM candidate for the upcoming general election, my sources have informed me of the definitive rejection of Ramjattan by the war room…

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