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November 10, 2017

Demerara Waves

State Assets Recovery Agency has 25 “solid cases” ; Attorney General says “no protection for anyone in our government and under our watch”

 by Denis  Chabrol in demerara waves November 9, 2017 Guyana’s State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) has 25 “solid cases” of officials of the previous government having properties that they acquired unlawfully using their then privileged positions, Deputy Director, Aubrey Heath-Retemyer said. Delivering a brief presentation at an Anti-Corruption Sensitisation Seminar for councillors and employees…

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fenty, Stabroek

His Excellency makes the Doctor sound good Civility? Courtesy? What’s those? -“Neither here nor there” – Harmon

 By A. A. Fenty stabroek news november 10, 2017 Of course, it depends on your political perspective and affiliation or sympathy; even your subjective tribal kith-and-kin links and loyalties, combined perhaps with your reasonably thought-out strategy for personal survival, then progress, which easily or eventually colours your assessments of our current national…

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