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July 9, 2017


SHE is Eternal

By MOSA TELFORD  stabroek news July 8, 2017 Selfless, Heroic and Eternal is SHE. Creator, Mother, Queen, Motivator, Homemaker, Career Woman – SHE is everything under the sun. SHE is resilient – proving time after time that even in adversity, she will continue to rise. SHE will continue to be the…

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KNEWS-Freddie Kissoon

Grading President Granger’s performance

Jul 09, 2017 Features / Columnists, Freddie Kissoon On Thursday afternoon, I was a guest of Stan Gouveia’s radio programme, “The Hot Seat” on 94.1FM. The first question was grading the President. Actually Stan didn’t ask me to give the President a mark. He informed me that President Granger awarded…

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