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February 12, 2017

Kaieteur News

Shocking clauses exposed in secret Parking Meter contract…City Hall agrees to repay company full investment, plus 25 % of total for remaining years if deal scrapped

Feb 12, 2017  kaieteur News  -opens door for 98 years stay, given full acess to entire city The parking meter contract has been kept from the public eye since it was announced that the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown signed the agreement with Smart City Solutions (SCS). However, as they…

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Ralph Ramkarran, Stabroek

Public rage

By RALPH RAMKARRAN stabroek new February 12, 2017 Public rage in Georgetown continues to grow and expand as last Thursday’s massive demonstration shows, even as the government has finally been forced to intervene in the parking meter fiasco. But it is too little too late. Boat gone a’ fall. The demand is now…

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