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“Skeptical voters” tired of political rhetoric -Only comprehensive plans, policies will earn their votes – Dr. David Hinds

 Aug 06, 2019  News  With 2020 being deemed “the year for the mother of all elections,” Guyana’s politicians will be hard-pressed to bring more than their political rhetoric to the table, says Executive Member of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. David Hinds. Dr. Hinds stressed that now more than ever,…

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Peeping Tom and the PPP are having political nightmares of their pending defeat in the upcoming elections

 Jul 16, 2019  Letters DEAR EDITOR, I have not engaged the writings of “Peeping Tom” for some time, partly because I have seemingly, been banned from the letter pages of Kaieteur News (KN). Notwithstanding KN’s unexplained, imposed ban on me, I continue to read and have grown accustomed to the Peeper’s pro-PPP…

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