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President Cheddi Jagan’s failure to establish Col into assassination of Walter Rodney is unanswerable

By Stabroek News  November 14, 2019 Dear Editor, MP  Gail Teixeira’s letter published in the Sunday Stabroek, November 10, 2019, captioned: `Betrayal of Walter Rodney falls at the feet of his trusted comrades’, is a mixture of political deception and fallacy. Her missive was in response to WPA’s statement in support…

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The chief beneficiary of the Commission of Inquiry was not the aggrieved Rodney family, but the PPP–Eusi Kwayana

By Stabroek News  November 15, 2019 Dear Editor,  Recent publications show the existence of different accounts of the same events, centring on the Commission of Inquiry into the death of Walter Rodney.  A speech made by Dr. Patricia Rodney, Walter’s widow and now head of their family, sparked responses.  As I…

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WPA frowns on critics…says would not be blackmailed into leaving coalition …recommits to ideals of government of national unity

By Staff Reporter – guyana chronicle November 10, 2019    The Working People’s Alliance says its role in the current election campaign will be more visible. THE Working People’s Alliance (WPA) has said it will not be blackmailed into leaving the coalition, noting that APNU+AFC is the only avenue right now to…

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Unnecessarily dithering on UBI

By Henry Jeffrey stabroek news  October 23, 2019 There is a belief in some quarters that the present universal basic income (UBI) debate is being motivated by the wish to gain political popularity and win votes at the 2020 elections and such is the nature of democratic politics. Therefore, it is quite…

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Successor governments of slave-owning powers should provide resources for Caribbean countries to recover from natural disasters–Eusi Kwayana

By Stabroek News  October 13, 2019 Dear Editor, This statement is a personal one intended to support opinions, especially in the Caribbean, that the costs of practical recovery from annual hurricanes should not fall, as they mainly do, on the victims of these natural disasters. As it is, the pain, the agony,…

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