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President Cheddi Jagan’s failure to establish Col into assassination of Walter Rodney is unanswerable

By Stabroek News  November 14, 2019 Dear Editor, MP  Gail Teixeira’s letter published in the Sunday Stabroek, November 10, 2019, captioned: `Betrayal of Walter Rodney falls at the feet of his trusted comrades’, is a mixture of political deception and fallacy. Her missive was in response to WPA’s statement in support…

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I refuse to accept that in spite of statements and information given to PNCR nothing has been done to indict Roger Khan–Tacuma Ogunseye

By Stabroek News  October 3, 2019       Dear Editor, I write this letter conscious of my responsibility to the Guyanese nation bearing in mind my prominent role in the polemics at the time when there were unprecedented extrajudicial killings that engulfed Guyana. At that time citizens in this country witnessed the…

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Frederick Kissoon’s anti-coalition utterances should not be ignored or go unchallenged–Tacuma Ogunseye

 Aug 22, 2019  Letters DEAR EDITOR, Mr. Frederick Kissoon’s July 31, 2019 column captioned, “Forms of Degeneracy after 2015 that killed Guyana’s future” demonstrated his obsession with the WPA, and his aversion to giving an iota of credit to President David Granger and the APNU+AFC coalition. In this election season, Kissoon’s…

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Freddie’s predictions way off

By Staff Reporter – guyana chronicle August 17, 2019    Dear Editor, FREDERICK Kissoon’s prediction that President David Granger and the Coalition Government will lose the upcoming elections is not new. He has said this on numerous occasions in the past. His most recent utterances were in his KN column on Monday,…

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WPA to contest elections as part of the APNU+AFC– to push for a more ‘forceful role’ in the coalition

By Navendra Seoraj – guyana chronicle August 17, 2019    Executive Member of the WPA, Dr. David Hinds   THE Working People’s Alliance (WPA) has formally announced that it will contest the upcoming General and Regional Elections as a member of the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC)…

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WPA sorry for gov’t shortcomings but sticking with coalition for polls -plans to ensure promises kept after ‘mixed’ performance in office

 Marcelle Thomas  stabroek august 17, 2019 David Hinds Giving the  APNU+AFC a “mixed review” and apologising for its shortcomings while in office, APNU member the Working People’s Alliance(WPA) yesterday announced that it would remain in the governing coalition for the next elections and pledged to be active in ensuring that…

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