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Peeping Tom and the PPP are having political nightmares of their pending defeat in the upcoming elections

 Jul 16, 2019  Letters DEAR EDITOR, I have not engaged the writings of “Peeping Tom” for some time, partly because I have seemingly, been banned from the letter pages of Kaieteur News (KN). Notwithstanding KN’s unexplained, imposed ban on me, I continue to read and have grown accustomed to the Peeper’s pro-PPP…

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Dr Jeffrey’s proposal for power sharing is a nonstarter and will be dismissed as utopian intellectualizing

stabroek news letter nov 10, 2018 Dear Editor, Dr. Henry Jeffrey’s column: “Future Notes” has over the years established a reputation as being informative, creative and at times, politically challenging. His column published in Stabroek News in the November 7th, 2018 edition, captioned: `Well, David: What now? Sri Lanka?’ has…

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